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Sonny 2 Released!

2008-12-19 19:02:51 by Krinn

Hey guys,

The wait is over :D Check it out here:

It will come to NG once we've held it in one place for a while to fix up bugs and add new content.

I hope you guys enjoy it :D



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2008-12-19 19:13:38

Woot, Amazing GAme!!!


2008-12-19 20:46:15

Liked it lots :3


2008-12-19 21:17:38

I love you, Krin! :D
Sonny 2 is just like what you promised and more! I won't get into full detail because I want to save it for an official NG review, but Sonny 2 is like the original Sonny times 3. I still haven't finished playing but I also can't seem to stop. I'm just hoping that the secret behind the tape won't be completely revealed and that there might be an even BETTER Sonny 3!


2008-12-19 22:08:33

whens it come out on congregate?


2008-12-19 22:08:53

typo: kongregate


2008-12-19 22:41:07

Yea u better fix that one bug. You know if u do a training fight when u first enter an area. it will give u inf exp and money. :O


2008-12-19 22:41:43

And no im not abusing it. Im just saying u gotta fix it.


2008-12-20 00:40:10

We all love you, Krin.

Imagine getting 14,000 hugs all at once. That's what it'll be like from now on.


2008-12-20 02:06:53

how do you beat baron


2008-12-20 03:16:05

This is much harder than Sonny 1... this'll actually keep me busy for a while.


2008-12-20 04:54:33

At last..epic title shines once again.


2008-12-20 05:15:35

yay fucking amazing blah


2008-12-20 12:07:49




2008-12-20 13:47:27

I played it most of Friday, got up at 8, physiced for the release, wasn't expecting anything, went on Armorgames, and BAM Sonny 2, needless to say I went on it right away.

Dissapointingly found that damn level 30 glitch.


2008-12-20 13:48:21

dis fukin shit is so fukin awesome!! thanks krin!


2008-12-20 15:39:01



2008-12-20 16:09:09

love it! but since u put it at newgrounds... do you put it at too?


2008-12-20 16:09:56

and anyway.. i used my friday at ur game SONNY 2 FTW got into a level 15 bio... guy but i found a glitch u gotta remove:o


2008-12-20 19:05:13

Great Game! I beat it using the psychological class and found few bugs. None were serious enough to prevent me from beating it with relative ease. Btw, will there be a sonny 3?


2008-12-21 13:02:40


It's loading now!


2008-12-21 14:58:53

Awesome, way better than the first one :P
Hope you add like a bonus map ( or what ever you call it ) like in the first one too :P


2008-12-21 16:20:45

Great game, but glitches up the ass.
First and most importantly, the Enlightened Helm you get when you face the cultists. Its icon is screwy, it switches around and is invisible sometimes.
Second, when an enemy has one turn of Impair left on them and they are killed, their health/focus bar doesn't disappear, sometimes not their body either.
Third, when you fenter an area, and do training first, you get ifinite xp and money. But I have no problem with that.
Amazing anyway. So that you've now finished Sonny 2, I can say:


2008-12-21 19:35:41

sonny 2 is epic its one of the nest rpg's I have ever played actually but I have noticed one glitch that kinda bugs me specifically, in the psychological class the overdrive ability is supposed to take away 10%of my life per turn when occasionally it starts taking 1/4 of my life per turn, and yes I have checked their our no debuffs on my character when it happens, this would be one of the glitches you should fix but other than that it is an amazing game


2008-12-22 02:03:33

HA!!!!!! I beat the game already and it gets waaaaaay more interesting now.


2008-12-22 10:07:59

I beat the Game the First day it came out =(


2008-12-22 17:56:10

Are there three extra spots on the map in sonny 2 for a reason?


2008-12-22 18:24:51

Great game, but hella glitchy.

Firstly, that enlightened helm is messed up. The icon is all screwy and stuff. Secondly, I ran into bunches of instant kills in the first level. First was the twisted experiment. He had on the shadow something that makes his speed 300%, and when he casted some purple thing that didn't have a trail, I got hit with 9999. Second time is when I was fighting the warden and he casted something on me and I got hit with 9999.

Really good game though.


2008-12-22 20:09:17

Amazing, I waited, it came, its great.


2008-12-22 22:53:06

The Warden's spell which does 9999 damage or above is called: Death Sentence


2008-12-22 23:27:39

Yo, nice! i will wait till it comes to NG so mby there is fixed some few "major bugs" if none will find one ;)... do it! ... Do it!1.... DOO IT!!1 FAASTER I WANNA PLAY :'D

i hope this is good work aswell krinn. :)


2008-12-22 23:29:26

i hope this is good work as always! krinn:D
pit typo, np now to the work ->


2008-12-23 01:13:38

Allright!!! Sonny 2 is released!! It's more fun than the first!! And the Baron is one hell of a long battle!!! Made it to the train so far, but this is awesome!!


2008-12-23 03:18:32

This game is quite easy until I face Baron again.Well interesting fact is that he is stronger and more powerful than before.Without the Paladin's help, this is gonna be a pain in the a_ _ .Much more fun and much more animation so far.This is a very indeed well made RPG strategy game! Keep it up!!! Oh i cant access the forum for help on Baron due to bandwidth limit X.X.


2008-12-23 09:06:18

im a high leveled hydraulic and i beated baron 4 times, your only hope to beat him is he use holy scars,this rate you will do like 2500 damage to him


2008-12-23 10:55:53

*Spoiler Alert*(I Think it is anyway, screw me if i am wrong)
But a damn hobo on a zombe-rpg... that was unexpected...
but i dun really care, just bothers me. GREAT GAME!!!


2008-12-23 14:07:02

As I expected, really really great!!

What's up with your homepage btw? Exceeded bandwidth because of the forum?

Hope this gets fixed soon :) Waiting for upgrades right now :)


2008-12-23 14:45:23

thanks that you made Sonny 2 in German.
I love you for that. : ]


2008-12-23 15:22:25

It definitely adds a more strategic element than sonny 1.


2008-12-23 18:31:15

Good job sir. I played the first one and loved it, but Sonny 2 trumps it by far. I really find the story behind the games interesting and more inspired than some of the other games I've played on NG. Keep up the the excellent work and thank you for expanding the abilities and classes Sonny can be. If there is a Sonny 3, please make the game even longer if possible.


2008-12-23 23:55:25

Loved it, but alas, there's that level 30 glitch and the fact that I always seem underpowered compared to Veradux early in the game.

Hope you can fix 'em fast.


2008-12-24 06:19:09

Damn it, finally. I've been waiting my ass off for it. I thought you wouldn't even continue it, like you did with Synjid.


2008-12-24 15:24:46

Just, make it so that your team mate doesn't attack first. I thought that I was Veradux in the beginning because of this.


2008-12-24 16:05:31

i started and can't stop! im not a big RPG fan but this was great!!! i cant seem to get past Baron Brixius. Please help!!!


2008-12-24 20:53:59

dude you need to make real video games
these sonny ones are awesome


2008-12-25 08:21:29

Hey, i need to finish the first one? Or its not connected to the main story? :/


2008-12-25 11:52:42

finally! congrats on a job well done. it feels better than the original, with a thicker plot, although the learning curve was quite different and took a while to adept to.


2008-12-26 07:55:51

Oh... thanks for telling us it's coming to Ng.


2008-12-27 22:04:58

I've beat it!!! On Easy, though. I'll try it on Heroic, now! Great game!!!
I know that we need to give you a break, but did you start Sonny 3 yet?


2008-12-27 22:07:34

Oh yeah, and Phsycological Class is sooo cheap, too! I do, like, at least 1000 at LVL 24 with a normal attack!


2008-12-28 08:17:46


YAY finally Krinn finished the damn game! ^^ took me some time to slay the Baron though

And are you sure you wanna put it on NG? If you do, you need to do a lot compressing so the file size won't be more than 10 MB :(