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Sonny is here!

2007-12-29 19:33:28 by Krinn

Hey guys!

I'm finally back on the Flash scene with "Sonny!" Here is the link:

I hope you enjoy it. I've been away forever, but oh well, better late than never, I suppose?

Big thanks to my entire team. Andrew, your talent is just unbelievable! David, you've worked hard and your output has been amazing! Martijn, Philipp and Thomas, it was good of you to help me with this! Also big thanks to Dan for all his support!

Here is sort of my space to talk about random shit about making the game... But I really don't know what to say.

I was influenced by:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Especially for the Baron fight)
Kafka's "Die Verwandlung" (The whole concept of waking up as a vermin)
Starcraft (Where else do you get hicks in high tech armor?)
Blizzard (Thier whole style of thier games)
Half Life 2 (Valve really rocks)
Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart (I listened to classical music to help me focus. It DOES work!)

Some boss strategies for Zone 4:

Ignition: Put a lot of damage dealers on your team, and re-spec to full healing. I used Heroic Motivaion, and Blood Focus. I put the Assassin and the Destroyer because they can do a lot of damage without Focus. Dispel Fate and it should be easy.

Omen: Get the full Paladin Armor, and put it on Veradux. Put Veradux on "Aggressive" because if he uses Poison when Omen has the debuff, he will do like 30k + dmg. You can choose if you want to heal, or to do damage BUT you must stun Omen as soon as he uses the debuff otherwise one of your team will bite the dust. Make sure you have decent speed (or cripple the boss) so your stun doesn't miss.

Doctor: This guy can seem impossible at first. But once you get him down to 99%, he heals himself for 2 Million HP. Does that give you a clue? :P The timing is DEAD important for this fight, and making sure you get it right... You really only have one chance to beat him.

Sinijd: He's got 2 Shadows, and the much loved Mana Bomb. I haven't beaten him myself yet, so figure this one out yourselves!

I've taken all the suggestions and comments and put them into a file so I can make all those improvements, none of your comments will be disregarded people!

So far noted problems are:

-Speech Sync is off (Fix coming)
-Battles too slow (Fix coming)
-Pally's Shield (Cooldown will be increased so he can't spam it)
-Re-Spec Policy (Will be changed to have increased Re-Specs)
-AI (Will be improved, and will have a manual option, but next game only)

Have fun guys!

- Krin


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2007-12-29 19:39:25

Playing now. Voting/(possibly)Reviewing later.


2007-12-29 23:35:41

I agree with the classical music part. It's actually been scientifically proven to boost concentration then complete silence, so that's good to know!


2007-12-30 07:06:25

Dude, i havn't even spoken to you, and i love you! ( not in a weird way lol!)
your replies were so posetive and Sonny is supearb
i havnt played sinjid yet but im a-gonna go and play it now!
keep it up!!
i wrote a review btw
I quote:
"I'm from Thailand, but I have an Australian passport. I lived in Greece and Germany, but now I am in London! WATCH OUT, CHAVS! I'm out to get you"


2007-12-31 09:07:13

HI i just want to know if there is going to be a sonny 2 in the future or since this game must have taken 4ever (because it was that good and should have been on front page) there might not be 1. (P.S sonny is one of the best games ive played. and ive played a lot of games)

Krinn responds:

Sonny 2? I've left room for expansion, but it depends. If Dan thinks it is worth a shot then yes!

- Krin

PS: This game didn't take forever, it took 2 months :P From scratch. Now that we have the engine, the future projects will be even faster to make.


2007-12-31 11:44:50

OMG!!!!!Sonny is surely one of the great but why I did not saw it on the front page????(I from Thailand too kup)


2007-12-31 12:58:29

Congrats on front page!
its about time Sonny got up the good work!


2007-12-31 20:31:48

the people look like the ninjas from sinjid lol they are cool


2007-12-31 23:24:49

my review of the game (banned from reviews because someone hacked my account :( admins dont believe me)

Nice game good graphics for the type of game playstyle: for a turn based game the style of the flash was great MUSIC: fun excentric and meaningful to the game (though not your part) nice storyline and plot hard and strategic and plane old GREAT game hope to see more work from yea 5/5 everyday favorite game!

Krinn responds:

Thanks for the review!

Sorry the Admins banned you haha!

- Krin


2008-01-01 06:13:44

Dude, you rock! I hope that there will be a second part on this. Sorry for saying this again here, but I think that you check this more often than the game responses. The Re-spec is still at one for me even though that you made the patch for it. O.o

Krinn responds:

I DO check this often :D

Re-Spec will be fixed when the Admins update the file, give it a bit of time.

- Krin


2008-01-01 12:39:51

I wish I could try the classical music trick when I'm writing music, except, well... I don't think it'd work out too well.

Anyway, the game's doing great. It's definitely been worth all the hard work, I think the team has really put out some quality material here!

Krinn responds:

Haha you're funny dude! :D


- Krin


2008-01-01 13:16:15

Let me tell you something... This game of yours kept me in front of the PC for like 5 hours! Then I had to go to bed xD I don't know, I came to my house early because I was tired, but then I saw this game, gave it a shot, and when I looked again my watch I realized I had been playing it for 5 hours >_< Damn, I had to go to bed at 9 am because of this :P
Well, sorry if my english make you cry blood, or something <3

Krinn responds:

This problem is noted :D

No I didn't cry blood, just normal tears.

- Krin


2008-01-01 15:39:06

Two months... is a long time really, but I'd say worth it. I've played through it. You definitely need to do something about the music; personally, it drives me bonkers. Other than that, I'm eagerly awaiting installment #2.


2008-01-01 15:41:31


Krinn responds:



2008-01-01 17:17:01

Nice! i have one proplem tho.....thwe reform has too slow of a cooldown in my opinion!


2008-01-01 19:03:24

is there anything after sinjid ? the next thing i've seen after killing him has been the map. is that all or did i miss something :D ?
know it's a bit late now, but happy new year to you guys ! :3

Krinn responds:

Happy New Years!

Yeah Sinjid is pretty much the last boss. TBH I didn't expect people to actually try and win Zone 4 :D

- Krin


2008-01-01 21:37:50

Hi, I put a comment of Sonny but I forgot to tell you something, when the computer lvl ups it should increase his stats and skills, because your partner have the same skills in ALL the game


2008-01-02 02:16:32


Krinn responds:

The fix isn't here yet, you're hallucinating. Damn 5k policy... We should all start a big revolt against it!

- Krin


2008-01-02 12:50:11

Ive already reviewed with a 10/10, but i wanted to comment on something. I dont know if someone has pointed it out, but similar to block, you can put as many heroic motivations as you want on your tool belt thing, and i just leveld to level 24 and i didnt get any points to use towards abilities or stats.

Krinn responds:

Yeah, thanks. I don't think you will be 'invincible' with full Heroic Motivation on your bar though, whereas Block does make you invincible.

- Krin


2008-01-02 14:44:50

its a new week new year so they finally added the awards! great job


2008-01-02 22:10:15

I think this is the best game I've ever played on NG. I keep coming back to it. Seriously fun, seriously hooked. I'm really looking forward to seeing more.


2008-01-02 22:31:20

it was a very good game, i am impressed with how well it was done, and in only 2 months? my god, if only you worked for blizzard, they might make more than a game a decade.

Krinn responds:

Haha I wish I could work for Blizzard... But I don't think I have enough 'skeelz' to join even apply for a job there yet.


2008-01-02 23:32:36

lol now its live....


2008-01-03 00:17:23

update suggestions Galiant the palidan either have a.... 20 round cooldown/15 or have him heal for like 500 or lower.. stuck on him add more sets or make it so you could get more than one talent points or attribute points per level maybe every 5 levels. so thats all i say if not.... idk but this should be my last post..... extremely unlikely as it is farewell and.... there it IS!!!!!!! *no MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh with enthusiasm*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krinn responds:

Thanks for the suggestions I shall make a note of them!


2008-01-03 06:09:43

COngratz on #1 one game/Movie on newgrounds Krinn!

Krinn responds:

Thanks :D *Gulp* This is the part where the scores drop like a hammer...


2008-01-03 08:29:17

Even if the scores do drop, I cant remember seeing any other game on nunber one, only movies get there mostly :)


2008-01-03 13:43:27



2008-01-03 17:28:11


(Updated ) Krinn responds:


sry caps.


2008-01-03 17:33:45

Incredible game.


2008-01-03 17:38:16


In other games of yours, you should add some sort of secret armors. Something that costs an obscene amount of cash, I mean 10.000 per piece. But gives incredible boosts :3

The game is really awesome, I played it twice, used an assassin and a gunslinger. Second time went a lot faster.

I found Omen to be harder than Sinijd, since the shadows suck massive amounts of ass.

Bottomline: everything is perfect, just more things to buy, really expensive shit to buy at the end.

Krinn responds:

I like your ideas! THanks for your suggestions!


2008-01-03 18:49:35

hello~! I am still playing Sonny and it is a great game!
But i must comment on the fact that when characters level up, the exp only goes up to 100% and drop down to 0% even though there could be remaining exp after reaching the previous level's 100%... you know what i mean?
a slight flaw but in overall the game was great, Thank You

Krinn responds:

I think it does that already but has a display error but I will check.


2008-01-03 21:34:15

sonny is a good game but somthimes the AI unable to be beat i hope u put little more balance to the game cuz i can't get off the ghost beach

Krinn responds:

haha it is meant to be a little hard! Hang in there!


2008-01-03 22:38:59

For Sonny is there someway I could get those sprites?

Krinn responds:

Not atm...


2008-01-03 23:18:08

yeah great game man buuuuut it need like a thing where you choose what your ai frendlie does its frieking annoying when the enemy is at 1 hp and he heals

Krinn responds:

Yeah sorry..


2008-01-04 02:00:29

Sonny is indeed one of the best games I've played so far. My congratulations to you.

Krinn responds:

ty ty!


2008-01-04 09:59:21

Seriously.. this is the best game on NG.. I just got of the boat but I'm gonna play further after this :P
Oh.. and I don't think Sonny is gonna be on No. 1 for so long anymore. It's being 0'ed by many ppl now.. I dunno why.. they just do it when things are high in ranking. Happened to Waterlollies aswell.

Krinn responds:

You speak the truth. I hope it gets to stay number 2 for a while at least...


2008-01-04 17:15:00

Hey man, Great game, definatly make the sequal, I was hopin to reach a city by the end of the game, but hey, if thats whats goin on for the next game then I am ready and rootin for ya. But there is one thing, I noticed that David didn't compose the map music, only the battle music, i was wondering who actually wrote that, because that was a really nice piece. Anyway, awsome job, and congrats for first place because this definatly deserved it.

Krinn responds:

It's a friend of mine called "Martijn Vranken"... He's not on NG or anything, he lives in Belgium and just writes music for fun.

Thanks :D


2008-01-04 17:32:05

you're amazing, i liked sinjid but sonny is just THE BEST


2008-01-04 22:12:53

Your so cool. I suggest you for king of the portal.


2008-01-05 04:09:26

Don't forget to add more variety in weapons & equipment on the next Sonny.

it makes the game seem less repetetive + its fun customizing your characters.

Why don't you try adding alternate endings?

Krinn responds:

I don't like alternate endings, I prefer a definate ending, but the ending in sonny wasnt as good as i wanted it to be....


2008-01-05 09:31:59

realy good game you made there my friend
also liked the fact that you could play with german subtitles
i also think the ai isn't that bad ... but i think you should be able to switch between the different modes while in a fight
i mean while in a fight you should be able to switch from tactical to offensive mode
best game on newgrounds this far keep it up
i realy hope to play a sequel

mit freundlichen grüßen

Krinn responds:

:D Awesome, I'll make a note of the sggestions!

Vielen Dank!


2008-01-05 12:10:09

I'm almost in zone 4!!!! I think I just need to beat a few more shamans and rock golems. Also, I hope that Sonny's brain doesn't rot too much away :)


2008-01-05 13:43:30

Kickass. The game's amazing; the music fits it so well that I almost can't stand it. On top of this, the voice acting is awesome.

Plus, I think it's fucking hilarious to hear "Oh, you scratchy bitch" from Baron Brixius.'ve sucked me into your game. What's it like there? Why DO the Metabii stink so badly? What was Brixius like...? And why is the Paladin so easy after he beats Brixius?

Krinn responds:


Well the Paladin is actually stronger, but his anti evil sword doesn't really seem to work well on Sonny and Dux for some reason...

Baron is modelled after a character called "Frank'n'furter' from the Rocky horror Picture show. :D

The metabii stink because they are dead


2008-01-05 16:34:04

sonny is a gr8 game!
and i read ur description, and chavs do suck ass! lol


2008-01-05 16:37:58

ok that a wondeful game bit short but wonderful, i plaed it 2 days and it ends in Valley of illusions but the last boss Sinjid´s Shadow was really (and this is true) CHEAP think all 3 bosses before was harder as that one. my lil asassin punched him back to mother earth. hope u really create the second story from sonny its a great game for some hour. Greetings. ..... GIMME MORE *smile*

Krinn responds:

sit tight :D more will come!


2008-01-05 16:57:52 wtf my loads are gone! AFTER the update wtf? it already updated or was it updated twice? .... makes me so sad....

Krinn responds:

That is weird, most people should still have thier files.. Did you change to a different browser?


2008-01-05 18:43:42

dang then it lagged when i made a new character and everyone just kept on doing random attacks that did... NOTHING

Krinn responds:

That's a bug. I have no idea how it happens, but it does... Try using a move like suppression to avoid the bug for the first round.


2008-01-05 21:33:32

its awesome but you really should add manual control over partners like example your hoping vera will heal himself or you when your almost dead and say he dashes towards the enemy and whacks it with his weapon...there really should be manual control and make a sequel to it it rocks! more weapons pl0x and armor and everything and make the final bosses a lil weaker and more skills like a really powerful damage spell like in sinjid where you use all your mana and like super attacks like you and your teammates combine all your mana for one powerful attack! and the supers are different depending on your teammates and like transformations like making em a bit stronger and have more hp and everything! like their armor changes into a more powerful version of that armor and like a blacksmith shop and potion shop the blacksmith upgrades your stuff like the stuff haveing +1 at the end it gives the armor better defense and the weapons way more better attacking power! more teammates more skill points atribute points and more classes and your storyline depends on the class you chose like if you were a swordsman you start at a swordsman town and so on and then you all meet up together somewhere like when your almost gonna die and make some of the bosses totally beat you and someone comes to the rescue and you use that character to defeat the boss and you form a party and find the other teammates to defeat the most final boss you have to gather up all the characters to beat it and quests in towns when the towns have ! on the top that means the town has a quest for you like slaying numbers of monsters end of comment
P.S.sorry for the long comment hope ya have the eye power and will power to read everything i said!

Krinn responds:

Manual control will be worked into the next game :D

But thanks for the sugestins, I've read it all but it was really trippy because you didnt use any puntuation :P It's like being on acid or something

Anyway Im glad you enjyed it!


2008-01-05 22:29:25

This is a great game. After tomorrow comes I'll respec for heals vs. Ignite.

Can I ask where you learned your flash from?

What version do you use?


2008-01-06 00:07:19

i reckon there should be a way to revive your team or somthing but still the best game i have played on newsgrounds yet... ok i admit it i would say i will probably not find a better one if i looked for 69 yrs i was listening to the song hero while i was fighting along side the paladin lol anyway this game rocked

final tips:
maybe put in a revive thing
in battle eqip changes
uniqe abilitys for each type iof fighting style
more music tracks
a talking banana


2008-01-06 08:05:15

WOOT zone 4!!!! I had enough money to buy almost all of my expensive assassin armour. Question... who is that Amber that's suddenly with me?
It's also too bad that there isn't any story anymore :(
But the game was awesome :D