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looks really nice dude
now i've played sonny 1 and 2 and tainted kingdom
and dude the plottwists in sonny 2 just made me crazy waiting for sonny 3
now i'm not gonna ask when it's coming
because i want you to take your time to make it a really good game like sonny 2

and i will play RTS colony when it comes out

greetz from a huge fan

go fuck a snail, it wants your salty goodness.

Awesome, that game looks SWEEET, loving the sky :D

I jizzed. This looks awesome! I'm a huge RTS fan (played Warcraft III for 3-4 years, including it's expansion) so this is great news.

Good luck.


As3 rocks? I beg to differ

it looks exactly like crimson warfare, i didn't care for that game

This does indeed look awesome, although like most, I am more excited for Sonny 3. However this is something to look forward to in the mean time

By doing this, I've learnt a lot of stuff that I will use for Sonny 3, including AS3, bitmap graphics, and a multiplayer system! :D

How do you get such leet programming skills as a film student?
I finished ma first year of computer science and still suck.

Looks epic.

look'n sexy as hell

It's good you finally caught up with AS3 because now Sonny 3 won't have to rape my processor like Sonny 2 did.

Good old 1.8Ghz single core.

What's so great about the Jiggmin server then?
I hear xgenstudio's MMOcha is pretty good.
And so is Nonoba's.
What makes Jiggmin's special?

Well I haven't used the other ones, and it's possible that they are just as good, but here is why I love Jiggmin's system:

No strings attached, and he even lets people use it for free! We're still gonna pay him a license fee though, because he's helping us out a lot.

Plus his server is really fast and solid! As I said it's able to handle a real time strategy game even for 56k modems :D

It looks far to similar to Crimson Warfare for my comfort. I hated crimson for the whole, if you get close to the enemy base they pull thirty six units out of thier ass thing. Granted, If it helps you learn some new stuff for sonny 3, I'm all for it. One suggestion, please don't make the bonus stages requiring impossible to attain achievements. I didn't even try to get to stage seven in sonny two because you did that. People who actualy have other things they can do won't even try to get to that bonus stage. It may be possible to get to stage seven for the hardcore gamer who will find the most twinked out combonation, but it isn't for casual gamers who play for fun. Granted, its you whose making the game, but its me who's reviewing it.


It's very different to Crimson Warfare actually! It is out now on ArmorGames so you can play it if you want. The campaign is fairly short, only about 1-2 hours to beat max. Instead the game is more designed around multiplayer, so the sides are symmetrical.

Let me know what you think, and if you still hate it :D

I played it. It was okay. I couldn't get into it. The mulitplayer could have been handled better. Instead of splitting a base, giving them both a base would have worked far better. The AI was as useless as allways, and the enemy, instead of pulling fifty units outta thier ass, had a cannon that would destroy your units in one strike. It was an okay game, the graphics were great, the units were useful, though a lower build time would have been better, and the resource system worked. One thing that bothers me is the lack of a pause button in quickplay and campane, its something to consider if you bring back the time limit for turns on hard mode in sonny 3. I don't want to have to answer a call and die and have to restart a boss fight after all. Over all, I think some more time could have been spent on a hotseat multiplayer mode, in case some one has friends.

Is there going to be voice acting and a story mode??

Your by far the best game artist ive ever seen.. kudos with your life man you will go far

Although your game needs more tuning. I am glad that you have made a new game, other than those sequels. I am afraid that Sonny 3 will be worse than 2 or even 1 because 2 is already at the peak. In fact, I don't care sonny 3 anymore because I am tired of Sonny series. But sequel to Sinjid is always good because Sinjid needs a lot of improvements. Last but not least, I am glad that the forum is 'up' again!

Its ok...

Single player is far too short and far too easy imo, plus I dont really like being limited in my choices, 4 slots and 7 buildings is a little unfair.

Dont get me wrong its a GREAT game but, not your best.

how do you kill the zombie boss on sonny 1 on level 3

So it's on Armor Games, know when it'll be here?

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