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Tainted Kingdom and Sonny 2

2008-04-07 19:46:11 by Krinn

Hey guys,

I've just submitted a new game to NEWGROUNDS! You can play it here:

Tainted Kingdom is a Fantasy Strategy game with 10 Missions you can play. You can send out Knights,
Hunters, Priests, or swift Horse-men. You can heal your units, build defensive towers, and choose where to expand your base, and how you manage your resources and upgrade your units.

The game comes with fully animated and voiced cut-scenes for all your story-telling needs :D It's quite difficult to beat, and it's even harder to get all the Trophies, so there's a big challenge waiting for you in there, I hope you enjoy it! :D


And for people who keep asking me about a Sonny sequel, I can give you some more information on it, but I can't promise you when it will be done yet. I'm guessing at least 1-2 months.

Sonny 2 will continue the story from the first Sonny, and feature mostly the same game engine. We have a big book of "things the people complained about" so I'll be spending a while going through that to fix and add new things.

There will be 3 different classes this time, but here, each class will have its own Ability tree, so the re playability will be at least 3x more than in Sonny 1.

The playable Zombie archetypes will be:


A class that specializes on the evolution of the body. You can change the very nature of your being to adapt to the situation; become a natural predator. Grow deadly claws, or poison glands to destroy your enemy,

A more 'caster' style class specializing in mind power. Spells included both support and offensive, harnessing the powers of Magic, Shadow, and Lightning. This will be a sort of mix between the "Guardian" and "Gunslinger" from the original Sonny.


Since Sonny is a Zombie, he doesn't need the 60% of water required to operate a human body. You channel that water to serve different purposes, such as strengthening your attacks, or changing the temperature of your surroundings. The abilities will be a mixture of Physical and Ice.

That's all for now, I think!

<3 Krin

Tainted Kingdom and Sonny 2


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2008-04-07 19:55:42

& who might this "pretty face" be???

Krinn responds:

Sonny had a sex change.

Or it could be another character...!


2008-04-07 19:59:33

Sonny numero dos. Can't wait.


2008-04-07 20:03:09

Sex change....GOLD I the president of Sony would like to buy your game and licensing and ruin the whole game by adding things that our statistic saids will make it more popular in todays market!


2008-04-07 20:15:34

I like the sex change better.


2008-04-07 20:17:27

Sonny = Best flash game ever.


2008-04-07 20:46:21

"Sonny had a sex change."


"Or it could be another character...!"


i got a question: when we gonna start sonny 2, we gonna start with no items and in lvl1 or gonna have some way to transfer the data of our game in the first sonny??

Krinn responds:

All the abilities wlil be different, and character transfer will give an unfair advantage to players who have Sonny 1 data, so everyone will start fresh :D It's for the greater good, believe me.


2008-04-07 20:46:54

Sonny two looks snazz-tastic!


2008-04-07 20:55:32

The story line should have that Sonny has a family. Something like that, but I look forward to it. Also I like the new classes, with different spells and all. Look forward to it!


2008-04-07 22:23:46

I really like the creativity in the 3rd class on Sonny 2. Looking forward to the game and the well though out schemes.


2008-04-07 22:57:49

finally you submitted tainted kingdom (A.K.A. krincraft) and now are on the go of sonny 2! alright dude!


2008-04-07 23:16:55

It's gonna be WAY more like an rpg now and... is that a woman zombie?


2008-04-08 00:48:56

Looks good. Too bad I don't know the full story of the first one because I got stuck in a fight and they always kick my ass :D


2008-04-08 01:55:32

I would like more teamates to work with
And sonny is a very addictive game
im pretty good at it :P


2008-04-08 02:49:19

Sonny 2

Pretty face for a zombie, damn i dont see how this can follow Sonny 1. Hope you prove me wrong! Krin Sonny is the best flash game ever made for human eyes keep them comming.

Krincraft (aka) Tainted Kingdom

DAmn dude i got sucked into this game i've played like 4 hours strait adn im stuck on the last level,.. GAH!

+ Addictive
+ Cool ways to make money

- Didn't like the Drag and drop fighting
- Didnt like the special skills
- Last two units horses and other were WAY to weak
- Music was weak, need some rock i mean your kicking ass!

Music - 3.5 / 5
Graphics - 5 / 5
Game Play - 2.5 / 5

Keep it up great game, KRIN!!


2008-04-08 06:39:04

So....It's like Sonny's sister or something?


2008-04-08 06:57:37

I can't wait, i loved sonny!


2008-04-08 08:55:34

^-^ kill the chavs....

ps sonny rules and 2 jdosent look lacking in any way:>


2008-04-08 09:06:16

whoa whoa.. slow down baby, i aint even finished sonny 1, yet, but i hope sonny is hittin' that.


2008-04-08 10:39:24

Oh Man I can't wait for the releasing of Sonny 2!!!


2008-04-08 11:59:25

i have followed your games strait to sonny and i think they are sweet i am having trouble with the shaman guy who owns that earth golem thing


2008-04-08 13:16:36

Looks cool enough, but will it beat the first???!!!!! hmm?


2008-04-08 14:08:11

omg, i played sonny 1 every chance i got, i cant WAIT for number 2, but who b the girl???? his wife??? lol :P


2008-04-08 14:45:37

Great and original idea with the specific zombie templates and the unique skill trees for all is something I'll applaud for sure, as that was the main thing I missed in the first game. If it keeps the playability of the first game and manages to implement the new features, it's sure to shake newgrounds.

Oh and tainted kingdom is amazing as well, will leave a review when done playing through it :)


2008-04-08 16:09:31

All the abilities wlil be different, and character transfer will give an unfair advantage to players who have Sonny 1 data, so everyone will start fresh :D It's for the greater good, believe me.

this is a problem for the Mardek series.


2008-04-08 16:37:05

looks great can't wait for Sonny 2 to come out


2008-04-08 16:39:35

the sony 2 will shurely gey a FP(frontpage), becuz its niiice even reading bout it , and WHO is THAT GIRL?


2008-04-08 18:51:01

awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!but don't make sonny have a sex change,just make that girl there a different character.also i played tainted kingdom on armor games,and it's awsome!


2008-04-08 19:55:41

Krinn, you beast.


2008-04-08 19:56:05

Dude, get in touch with me already.

Krinn responds:

Literally :D


2008-04-08 20:47:24

whatever you do DONT get in touch with Hans... he will eat your soul.

hai krinnnn

Krinn responds:

Whoops too late xD Haha.

HOW'S IT GOING LOUISE! I can't wait til the next meet up I definitely wanna be there!


2008-04-09 10:03:15

Hi sounds good with a Sonny 2, Can you give any hint about the amount of skills in each of the skilltrees. Will each have as many as the one in Sonny or will they have around 1/3? Also will the stat system be as in Sonny or SSotW? I look forward to the sequal, always liked your games :)


2008-04-09 17:29:55

The new purple team wasn't the greatest theme to bring in, they're too annoying to fight, I mean my people won't attack the dagger people, then the worms snipe my towers.


2008-04-10 11:03:04

Wow CooL Man !! ^_^
I really Love This Game :p
Wating fo sonny 2 :D


2008-04-11 20:10:27

I think the girl is Sonny's ex- girlfriend. They always come back for revenge...


2008-04-12 01:20:39

will u still have the same equiptment from the first?
if you lose it all i still understand.
i love sonny.
could there be a special version where you get to be those ecli guys?
i think id play that.
or if you want
a standalone version?
mac/pc compatiblee?


2008-04-13 03:40:14

it would be cool if that girl was sonny's sister though i hope there are other ways to make money rather than killing and selling you know like bounty hunting kill a number of certain enemies and you get a reward and tell me which CLASS IS THE REAL PHYSICAL CLASS?! i actually like physical classes a lot!


2008-04-13 09:32:26

awesome,loved the first,can't wait


2008-04-14 06:49:41

EEEEK! A preview on Sonny 2!

Those are the most ORIGINAL classes ever! Can'!

I would go as biological first, then hydraulic second.

Oh, and TRY and get some beta testers before release, or get a pre-release version out. Some things in Sonny were SOOO unbalanced xD.

And also, YAYZ for class specific skillz!

I guess I'll play Sonny 1, I accidentally erased meh uber file >.>


2008-04-14 16:12:04



2008-04-15 04:04:15

Sonny sequel sounds cool, like the biological one the best
2 months isn't that long.. you've been working on it for a while then?


2008-04-19 09:19:18

hey dude me again i would go as Hydraulic fist then Biological AND HURRAY CLASS SPECIFIED SKILL TREES! are there any other new uber partners? i hope sonny,veradux and the others will still be there! and im kinda hoping that louis will come back as a zombie and im thinking of a sonny and gang last boss you know cops of them same skills same everything! except that they dont have hearts they just you know terminate everything in their way you know clones that the ZPCI made to get rid of sonny and the gang forever cause you know sonny and the gang are the most intelligent strongest and also fastest zombies in the world not even god could beat them well maybe i dunno
P.S sorry for no punctuation marks im only 10


2008-04-19 21:11:57

cant wait for this game to be released


2008-04-20 02:53:13

and i cant believe its not butter,Jimmy131
I also cant believe that Krinn didnt think of a fourth class. if you actually read this, krinn, can you say if you think its possible for a fourth class to exist? i'll tell you what i think it would be if you actually cant come up with one. if you can, but just arent making one thats okay too. If you need any help designing anything at all, please do ask me for my opinion.


2008-04-20 23:57:17

sonny 2:i think a class called flame-ery or lava zombies or 9999999999999 degrees celcies or something like that would be in order.lok the specs about this class would be a rank mutation into a fire zombie thing gives sonny the abilite 2 creat fire using his bare hands and launch it around or cammand previosly made fire(as in sonny would mae a great firefighter).i also think that u should make classes that u can decide to become at say radiation centers, volcanoes,just random levels after a boss after a sertain battle or just an evulution of great powere after you become say level 25,50,75 or if u beet the game on a sertain dificulty(and dont overwrite the save that u beet it on)you can unlock different classes at the startor the current classes gain +1 on every stat or +10 on an important.also can you make some new stats that allow you to search for materialse.i. different places yeild diferent resources and you have to have say a certain lvel of strength to get them or speed or speed+strength or just scrounging(if you add that stat) and sometimes you need a certain level of crafting or smithing or both or something else(if you decide to make those)and for other items they require items from diferent places or just from that place and also the feature that you can collect multiple resources at one time and that some items that you can make cant be found by deaafeting enemies or buying(so these ones require many resources and the fact that you get more pages of items than one and also diferretn item tabs such asresources,weapons,amer, items that you cant equip(or ityce for short),quest items,and special items(e.i.heaven items,hel* items,nutral items,forbiden items,raw power items (and once you have the full set of one of those the bonuses 2x and one special bonus stat point that no other items increase.a choice system(say you found a pet you could tell them to buzz off even though they could help you if you are kind to them or a teammate you could tell them to scre* off before they joined your party and so that you can find *easter eggs* in each place.oh and one more feature you can convert stat points into skill points or skill points into stat points or even an item transfer system that does not have a stat bonus or defence bonus from items that were brought back from sonny 1 k?


2008-04-22 20:09:21

umm dude you said Sonny 2 was coming after the new sinjid? but umm WHERES THE NEW SINJID?! ANSWER ME OR ILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND STUFF A HOTDOG IN YOUR MOUTH AND CALL YOU A HOTDOG! JK


2008-04-22 22:36:45

nice... =D


2008-04-29 05:03:46

I didn't like Tainted Kingdom because I hate that kind of game, although I must say I was impressed by the amount of work put into it. I only played it because I wanted to find out the ending of the story.

Regarding Sonny 2, I'm glad you're continuing the story. However I hope you balance the skills more. In the original Sonny there was only 1 electric, 1 cold, 2 fire type attacks, so if you geared your spellcasting offensives to those types you had a real limited field. Not to mention that spells were also affected by speed, causing you to miss a lot -- that's unfair, as a mage's defense IS his offense. If you cripple his attacks with high-speed enemies who dodge a lot, he's screwed. Magic skills/spells shouldn't miss, period. Maybe extend the cooldown timer or focus cost, but DON'T make them miss.

Also, the skill tree looked impressive at first, until I realised all 4 class types used the same list. Not so bad, until you take into account some "trick encounters" require you to absolutely have a specific skill (e.g. subversion vs. the doctor) because if you didn't there would be no way to beat them. No. This is bad design. You got stun right at least, there is the melee stun skill and a cold-based spell stun (however, the spell suffers from the speed problem mentioned above, plus it takes way longer cooldown compared to the melee stun).

Finally, given the short nature of this first "chapter", many skills were left untouched, such as the inherent damage resistance skill or the brutality skill -- I don't know anyone who used those; there was no need to. You should increase their passive bonuses majorly in order to entice people to use them. For example, I'm not going to sacrifice 1 skill point for a 3% damage resistance, when that same skill point can get me that flame strike skill (it's pretty damn strong, and maxes at 1 point only to boot).

Also... perhaps you could add more "freedom" to the storyline by allowing people to go to different areas on the map earlier, instead of forcing them to open them up in a linear order. There were also too few tips and flavour text in each map area; they were all mostly "shop", "random fight", "story fight". I bet most of the casual players didn't even REALISE that you could click on the sign and read the popup which appears, or click on the Shaman village to read the description, etc.


2008-04-29 13:51:12

Are going to be able to actually use guns in Sonny 2? Because it was kind of stupid running around with pulse rifles and high-tech weaponry and just bashing people on the head with them.


2008-05-05 07:19:20

Can you add an attack that will hit all the enemies???


2008-05-05 19:43:00

I hope one day I can program this well.