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Tainted Kingdom and Sonny 2

Posted by Krinn - April 7th, 2008

Hey guys,

I've just submitted a new game to NEWGROUNDS! You can play it here:


Tainted Kingdom is a Fantasy Strategy game with 10 Missions you can play. You can send out Knights,
Hunters, Priests, or swift Horse-men. You can heal your units, build defensive towers, and choose where to expand your base, and how you manage your resources and upgrade your units.

The game comes with fully animated and voiced cut-scenes for all your story-telling needs :D It's quite difficult to beat, and it's even harder to get all the Trophies, so there's a big challenge waiting for you in there, I hope you enjoy it! :D


And for people who keep asking me about a Sonny sequel, I can give you some more information on it, but I can't promise you when it will be done yet. I'm guessing at least 1-2 months.

Sonny 2 will continue the story from the first Sonny, and feature mostly the same game engine. We have a big book of "things the people complained about" so I'll be spending a while going through that to fix and add new things.

There will be 3 different classes this time, but here, each class will have its own Ability tree, so the re playability will be at least 3x more than in Sonny 1.

The playable Zombie archetypes will be:


A class that specializes on the evolution of the body. You can change the very nature of your being to adapt to the situation; become a natural predator. Grow deadly claws, or poison glands to destroy your enemy,

A more 'caster' style class specializing in mind power. Spells included both support and offensive, harnessing the powers of Magic, Shadow, and Lightning. This will be a sort of mix between the "Guardian" and "Gunslinger" from the original Sonny.


Since Sonny is a Zombie, he doesn't need the 60% of water required to operate a human body. You channel that water to serve different purposes, such as strengthening your attacks, or changing the temperature of your surroundings. The abilities will be a mixture of Physical and Ice.

That's all for now, I think!

<3 Krin

Tainted Kingdom and Sonny 2

Comments (234)

&amp; who might this &quot;pretty face&quot; be???

Sonny had a sex change.

Or it could be another character...!

Sonny numero dos. Can't wait.

Sex change....GOLD I the president of Sony would like to buy your game and licensing and ruin the whole game by adding things that our statistic saids will make it more popular in todays market!

I like the sex change better.

Sonny = Best flash game ever.

&quot;Sonny had a sex change.&quot;


&quot;Or it could be another character...!&quot;


i got a question: when we gonna start sonny 2, we gonna start with no items and in lvl1 or gonna have some way to transfer the data of our game in the first sonny??

All the abilities wlil be different, and character transfer will give an unfair advantage to players who have Sonny 1 data, so everyone will start fresh :D It's for the greater good, believe me.

Sonny two looks snazz-tastic!

The story line should have that Sonny has a family. Something like that, but I look forward to it. Also I like the new classes, with different spells and all. Look forward to it!

I really like the creativity in the 3rd class on Sonny 2. Looking forward to the game and the well though out schemes.

finally you submitted tainted kingdom (A.K.A. krincraft) and now are on the go of sonny 2! alright dude!

It's gonna be WAY more like an rpg now and... is that a woman zombie?

Looks good. Too bad I don't know the full story of the first one because I got stuck in a fight and they always kick my ass :D

I would like more teamates to work with
And sonny is a very addictive game
im pretty good at it :P

Sonny 2

Pretty face for a zombie, damn i dont see how this can follow Sonny 1. Hope you prove me wrong! Krin Sonny is the best flash game ever made for human eyes keep them comming.

Krincraft (aka) Tainted Kingdom

DAmn dude i got sucked into this game i've played like 4 hours strait adn im stuck on the last level,.. GAH!

+ Addictive
+ Cool ways to make money

- Didn't like the Drag and drop fighting
- Didnt like the special skills
- Last two units horses and other were WAY to weak
- Music was weak, need some rock i mean your kicking ass!

Music - 3.5 / 5
Graphics - 5 / 5
Game Play - 2.5 / 5

Keep it up great game, KRIN!!

So....It's like Sonny's sister or something?

I can't wait, i loved sonny!

^-^ kill the chavs....

ps sonny rules and 2 jdosent look lacking in any way:&gt;

whoa whoa.. slow down baby, i aint even finished sonny 1, yet, but i hope sonny is hittin' that.

Oh Man I can't wait for the releasing of Sonny 2!!!

i have followed your games strait to sonny and i think they are sweet i am having trouble with the shaman guy who owns that earth golem thing

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