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Posted by Krinn - December 13th, 2008

Sonny 2 is on its way folks. Here is the actual blog post: http://armorblog.com/?p=460

I'll just go over some of the new features that will be availiable in Sonny 2 so that you know what to expect.

Three Unique Classes
That's right! This time, each class will actually have their own ability trees. The character skills and stats are also made more versatile, meaning there is more than triple the amount of character builds that you can play with.

Loads of New Armor and Items
We've axed the class restriction on most items, meaning that you can use almost any item you find with your class now, and build your own set of viable gear that is tailored to your ability spec. Better than grinding for just that one set, right?

Difficulty Levels
Three modes of difficulty will be available, meaning you can choose if you want to just glide through the game to see the story, or test your strategy against very challenging bosses and enemies.

Local PvP System
Now you can challenge your friends by battling your characters against each other. You have to be playing on the same computer, but the system allows you to export your character into a text file and load it in any computer.


Comments (52)

I like the mutiplayer function!!!I gonna finish this if it's the last thing i do!
An early christmas present,man!
I like the classes photos!looks exciting!

Oh! I almost forgot to write!
1st post or should I say...2nd post!XD

Dude, thank you! Sonny kicked ass, and here is the sequel! Awesome!

Awesomeeeee! Finaly its almost here. Thanks Krin. Your hard work is valued by us all here at Newgrounds.com and Armor Games as well. I'll be looking forward to your spectacular Role Playing Game. Tis a wonderful Christmas after all!


Who wana bet whetter or not Armor Games' servers are gona get toasted on friday do to traffic :)?

Lets hope that Krinn doesn't "accidently" hit the delete button and we have to wait another year.

Th release date banner looks great.

Well, Krin...that's thoroughly exciting to maybe have an actual release date for Sonny 2. I'm personally looking forward to the Biological class...

Also, been loving the promo art for Sonny 2...Nice style and great feel compared to the style used for the original.

Blah Blah Blah more fan glorification...


But seriously dude, this is so awesome!

great, i hope this one will be longer, I don't know, i felt that the first sonny was kinda short... anyway, I can't wait, hopefully there'll be like a cool ass plot twist or something, will we get to see the blind dude again, is the medic guy in fact a gigantic monster that likes vaginas??? =O ! ! !
wtf, my mind wanders, i'm so excited OMGLOLOLOL

Great additions, as long as you fixed that last Sonny glitch that allowed you to get all that power from the items, pvp should be great.
Difficulty settings sounds like a great idea too.
Cant wait :D

at last!
i was thinking thet you forgot sonny...
make it fast,i can't wait!

tes yes yes yes yes... ive bin wating years for this its going to be awsaum

Looking good Krin! I hope you don't mind that I "borrowed" your banner to use in my own Sonny 2 post! :)

WOW i've been waiting alot for it. I'm sure its gonna be awesome thank you for this game ;D

Awesome...I loved the first sonny...though I never got past the 3rd boss of the final level...and Ignition was hard enough,and Omen was a bit long...But I like how this one sounds...but I have 1 question Krin...Which class is the first one in picture,the one with purple lightning? it appears to be the biological one,with caster abilities.

Too bad that only the blog owner can reply at NG, but LordKrad22, I'm pretty sure in the banner it goes in the order of (Left to Right): Psychological, Biological, and Hydraulic as the last picture...

...So I think the "purple one" is actually the "Psycho" class

Been waiting for this for AGES. Great news and I know it won't dissapoint!

We love you Krin! (no not like that)

oh god so close to time and right AFTER exams

Only 4 days!! This is great can't wait for the release :).
When u want to the Game Master u should make an Online Sonny (only online :P)

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