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Spring and Puzzles

Posted by Krinn - March 28th, 2009

Hey guys!

Haven't been very active in terms of Flash lately because I've been busy with learning how to make films at school. I kinda noticed the trend that many Flash artists also have motion-picture ambitions, like for example Jazza, or AlmightyHans... It's fascinating.

For a warm up AS3 project, before I work on the last Sinjid game, I think I would like to combine elements of filmmaking and Flash. I know many people have tried it before, and sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't, but I have an idea that haunts me everyday and it won't leave me alone until I do it.

It's called '12' and it's about a security guard who is trapped in a hotel with 12 other people. The guard however, is in the control room and has access to 12 CCTV cameras, which monitor all the people. But you can only have 2 of those cameras turned on at a time. But you know that one of them is the terrorist who is holding everyone else hostage, and you have 12 minutes to figure out who it is, before he starts eliminating the other guests, one by one.

Doesn't sound like much now, but I need a break from RTS and RPG, so I thought I'd do a sort of 'experiment puzzle.'

Speaking of puzzles, here's a sample of the film work I've been doing: It's a 5 minute short film shot in Hyde Park called "Puzzled":

http://www.bigstar.tv/film-contests/st udent-short/a89bfa17b5a0dac8c7f4eb9e09 d29f22/1

I hope you like it, and if you do, please drop me a vote :) (It only takes 2 seconds to sign up on that site)

I think that's all for the Spring update... Hopefully I would write more things regularly. Newgrounds was where it all started for me, and it makes me feel bad that sometimes I just vanish.

With <3

PS: Don't ask me about Sonny 2. It's nearly here, I just need to finish Zone 7 and put in a couple more achievements :)

PSS: Anyone who figures out exactly where this photograph was taken will get $50. You will need a street name, or a longitude and latitude. Good Luck!

Spring and Puzzles

Comments (17)

Latitude 35.5N, Longitude 185.666E

Give us a hint!

Somewhere in... a... sewer? Maybe? No idea.

Sonny 2 is ALMOST here? You mean Sonny 3?!

The pic is of your room!

I know your busy making flash but clean your room Krinn!! Its filthy!!

So will the version of Sonny 2 you upload here be the completely finished article? No more updates? Also, will there be NG medals?

Also, Bracondale Road?

Winchester drive?

Been anticipating Sonny 2 here for awhile, I completed it on release day down at armor-games, however I prefered Sonny to Sonny 2, as Sonny 2 seemed alot darker, and generally seemed to drag on, story and gameplay-wise.

Your new project &quot;12&quot; sounds interesting, if properly done, I've seen alot of work come and go through here that could have been alot better with just a little amount of work and tweaking.

What will it's art-style be? how about gameplay, or will it merely consist of watching two monitors? how about file-size, just so I know how much to expect of the game?

Ahh, I'm probably getting in too many questions here, and obviously I don't want you giving out too much information about the game.

Totally not sure yet, but we might be using photographic graphics.... Meaning the actual game will be done with real photographs or video footage programmed correctly.

I would think the game more as a puzzle, so as you watch people on the 2 screens (you have to choose which screen) your partner is automatically jotting down all the information, for example "Steven gets a drink from the tap." and then you can choose to look at the notebook to see all the information you found, and try to link them together to the pictures of the people with the mouse to either prove that someone is guilty, or someone is innocent.

But when you are looking at the pad you can't see the screens so its a choice to have to make: get more information, or try to solve the puzzle? As time is running out...

And I imagine the actions and villain in the game be randomized by the AI every time so it has re-playability as a puzzle game, and not just as a 'cool gadget' kind of thing.

But its just an idea right now, will flesh it out after the projects right ahead of me are done :)

Comment 10 :D

ok wow

I 'spose I'll just have to wait. But Zone 7? I thought there were only 5. Oh well.

42 N 43 W.... roughly

Sonny 2 will probably have Newgrounds achivements

Didn't I already play sonny 2? (Awesome btw :)

or has more been added/refined?

Can't wait :P Im gonna get all the achievements done the moment its out ^^

Well, sonny 2 is already out on Armorgames.com, ive played it but there was only 5 places. Too I dunno where's that wall's from ^^'