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Sonny is here!

Posted by Krinn - December 29th, 2007

Hey guys!

I'm finally back on the Flash scene with "Sonny!" Here is the link:


I hope you enjoy it. I've been away forever, but oh well, better late than never, I suppose?

Big thanks to my entire team. Andrew, your talent is just unbelievable! David, you've worked hard and your output has been amazing! Martijn, Philipp and Thomas, it was good of you to help me with this! Also big thanks to Dan for all his support!

Here is sort of my space to talk about random shit about making the game... But I really don't know what to say.

I was influenced by:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Especially for the Baron fight)
Kafka's "Die Verwandlung" (The whole concept of waking up as a vermin)
Starcraft (Where else do you get hicks in high tech armor?)
Blizzard (Thier whole style of thier games)
Half Life 2 (Valve really rocks)
Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart (I listened to classical music to help me focus. It DOES work!)

Some boss strategies for Zone 4:

Ignition: Put a lot of damage dealers on your team, and re-spec to full healing. I used Heroic Motivaion, and Blood Focus. I put the Assassin and the Destroyer because they can do a lot of damage without Focus. Dispel Fate and it should be easy.

Omen: Get the full Paladin Armor, and put it on Veradux. Put Veradux on "Aggressive" because if he uses Poison when Omen has the debuff, he will do like 30k + dmg. You can choose if you want to heal, or to do damage BUT you must stun Omen as soon as he uses the debuff otherwise one of your team will bite the dust. Make sure you have decent speed (or cripple the boss) so your stun doesn't miss.

Doctor: This guy can seem impossible at first. But once you get him down to 99%, he heals himself for 2 Million HP. Does that give you a clue? :P The timing is DEAD important for this fight, and making sure you get it right... You really only have one chance to beat him.

Sinijd: He's got 2 Shadows, and the much loved Mana Bomb. I haven't beaten him myself yet, so figure this one out yourselves!

I've taken all the suggestions and comments and put them into a file so I can make all those improvements, none of your comments will be disregarded people!

So far noted problems are:

-Speech Sync is off (Fix coming)
-Battles too slow (Fix coming)
-Pally's Shield (Cooldown will be increased so he can't spam it)
-Re-Spec Policy (Will be changed to have increased Re-Specs)
-AI (Will be improved, and will have a manual option, but next game only)

Have fun guys!

- Krin

Comments (144)

Playing now. Voting/(possibly)Reviewing later.

I agree with the classical music part. It's actually been scientifically proven to boost concentration then complete silence, so that's good to know!

Dude, i havn't even spoken to you, and i love you! ( not in a weird way lol!)
your replies were so posetive and Sonny is supearb
i havnt played sinjid yet but im a-gonna go and play it now!
keep it up!!
i wrote a review btw
I quote:
"I'm from Thailand, but I have an Australian passport. I lived in Greece and Germany, but now I am in London! WATCH OUT, CHAVS! I'm out to get you"

HI i just want to know if there is going to be a sonny 2 in the future or since this game must have taken 4ever (because it was that good and should have been on front page) there might not be 1. (P.S sonny is one of the best games ive played. and ive played a lot of games)

Sonny 2? I've left room for expansion, but it depends. If Dan thinks it is worth a shot then yes!

- Krin

PS: This game didn't take forever, it took 2 months :P From scratch. Now that we have the engine, the future projects will be even faster to make.

OMG!!!!!Sonny is surely one of the great but why I did not saw it on the front page????(I from Thailand too kup)

Congrats on front page!
its about time Sonny got up the good work!

the people look like the ninjas from sinjid lol they are cool

my review of the game (banned from reviews because someone hacked my account :( admins dont believe me)

Nice game good graphics for the type of game playstyle: for a turn based game the style of the flash was great MUSIC: fun excentric and meaningful to the game (though not your part) nice storyline and plot hard and strategic and plane old GREAT game hope to see more work from yea 5/5 everyday favorite game!

Thanks for the review!

Sorry the Admins banned you haha!

- Krin

Dude, you rock! I hope that there will be a second part on this. Sorry for saying this again here, but I think that you check this more often than the game responses. The Re-spec is still at one for me even though that you made the patch for it. O.o

I DO check this often :D

Re-Spec will be fixed when the Admins update the file, give it a bit of time.

- Krin

I wish I could try the classical music trick when I'm writing music, except, well... I don't think it'd work out too well.

Anyway, the game's doing great. It's definitely been worth all the hard work, I think the team has really put out some quality material here!

Haha you're funny dude! :D


- Krin

Let me tell you something... This game of yours kept me in front of the PC for like 5 hours! Then I had to go to bed xD I don't know, I came to my house early because I was tired, but then I saw this game, gave it a shot, and when I looked again my watch I realized I had been playing it for 5 hours >_< Damn, I had to go to bed at 9 am because of this :P
Well, sorry if my english make you cry blood, or something <3

This problem is noted :D

No I didn't cry blood, just normal tears.

- Krin

Two months... is a long time really, but I'd say worth it. I've played through it. You definitely need to do something about the music; personally, it drives me bonkers. Other than that, I'm eagerly awaiting installment #2.



Nice! i have one proplem tho.....thwe reform has too slow of a cooldown in my opinion!

is there anything after sinjid ? the next thing i've seen after killing him has been the map. is that all or did i miss something :D ?
know it's a bit late now, but happy new year to you guys ! :3

Happy New Years!

Yeah Sinjid is pretty much the last boss. TBH I didn't expect people to actually try and win Zone 4 :D

- Krin

Hi, I put a comment of Sonny but I forgot to tell you something, when the computer lvl ups it should increase his stats and skills, because your partner have the same skills in ALL the game


The fix isn't here yet, you're hallucinating. Damn 5k policy... We should all start a big revolt against it!

- Krin

Ive already reviewed with a 10/10, but i wanted to comment on something. I dont know if someone has pointed it out, but similar to block, you can put as many heroic motivations as you want on your tool belt thing, and i just leveld to level 24 and i didnt get any points to use towards abilities or stats.

Yeah, thanks. I don't think you will be 'invincible' with full Heroic Motivation on your bar though, whereas Block does make you invincible.

- Krin

its a new week new year so they finally added the awards! great job

I think this is the best game I've ever played on NG. I keep coming back to it. Seriously fun, seriously hooked. I'm really looking forward to seeing more.

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