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Ahem... Hello again NG :)

2012-07-26 09:10:12 by Krinn

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here huh? I need to be better at these things.

If there's still anyone out there reading my updates, here's what's been happening:

My current (and biggest) project right now is the new Sinjid game. There's a lot of info about it on my blog (, as well as a playable BETA. It's an action RPG, and I think it will be my best game yet.

I've recently just ported Flight over to the iOS platform. There's a video of it here. It will be out on August 2nd. We added a lot of new content and tweaked a lot of things so it's almost like a sequel :)

Ahem... Hello again NG :)


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2012-07-26 13:06:09

That's awesome! Will you release a PC version?


2012-07-26 15:46:00

Hello! It looks like Flight will be perfect for iOS.


2012-07-26 22:09:28

Looking forward to Sinjid!


2012-07-26 22:17:55



2012-07-28 03:38:15

Awesome dude, glad you're still making games.


2012-08-01 01:32:45

Are we ever gonna see a 3rd Sonny game? That series was really good! :3


2012-08-01 04:12:09

Hooray! Congratulations and you are (almost) done there. :3


2012-08-02 18:09:42

Awesome Cake. I played the first two games as a kid looking forward to it.


2012-08-11 21:43:38

Woooo! The messiah returns to us once more!
But seriously, great that you're here updating us on your progress.


2012-09-02 22:01:01

Any chance for a ios version of sonny 2?


2012-09-17 11:27:08

What about Sonny 3? Are you gonna make it? Please tell me. I'm you humble fan and I need an answer so I know what to wait for.


2012-09-20 18:38:42

Jesus, I thought you were dead.


2012-09-22 07:33:01

i cant wait


2012-10-07 15:10:17

Awesome to have you back!


2012-10-29 14:31:11

well, you should update your profile more often, my friend... other than that, I hope that game is REALLY awesome, because if it doesn't worth it, I'll get angry because this is absorbing your time, and that time could be used for doing Sonny 3


2012-12-01 09:34:44

Awesome news! I'll keep my eyes open!


2012-12-09 09:17:29

Ah, I remember your game Sinjid: SotW from 2004, it was great.


2012-12-09 13:29:27

Dude I was so crazy about Sinjid, when Sinjid SotW came out 8 years ago it was so the best shit ever. Like, ultra newgrounds nostalgia. So I'm SO glad to hear you're continuing it. The addition of platform aspects is kind of crazy too, ...but I know it's you so it's going to be good. And you have kind of made the best flash game 3-4 times already, so when you say it's going to be you're best yet... Fuuuck!


2012-12-14 08:53:14

Im always playing Sinjid Sotw . Only fighting the training dummies and earning money with herbs. Since 2003, you have kept me happy on newgrounds.

When i then realised you were the very same person who created sonny - wow. just wow. I wish you all the best as i have always been a big fan of yours, its only now im saying it .


2013-02-12 14:00:23

Sinjid in AG sucks, its glitchy as hell.


2013-02-12 14:00:24

Sinjid in AG sucks, its glitchy as hell.


2013-02-12 14:00:26

Sinjid in AG sucks, its glitchy as hell.


2013-02-12 14:00:27

Sinjid in AG sucks, its glitchy as hell.


2013-02-12 14:00:27

Sinjid in AG sucks, its glitchy as hell.


2013-02-12 14:00:28

Sinjid in AG sucks, its glitchy as hell.


2013-02-12 14:01:15

Why the comment spawned so many times? im sorry for that.


2013-02-17 00:18:52

You're not uploading sinjid to newgrounds? You don't like us anymore? :(


2013-12-09 17:39:43

You are the best <3<3<3


2013-12-18 14:28:59

Bad news everyone, Krin passed away and we will never see Sonny 3 or any other delight he had for us. Source: (last comment)


2014-01-04 15:58:41

He is alive, he is just working on the games instead of talking about working on it.


2014-06-30 04:23:41

I can prove that asadajack14 says the truth. He made game he mentions above and put it on Armor Games:

I tried it out a little and its pretty good. What might not be so good is that he could very probably be sticking around Armor Games so much that he might not come back to NG for a LONG time, if at all... :(


2015-03-26 08:57:22

Oh dear, nearly a year later and so far what I said before is holding true. What's worse, I checked his Armor Games account and it looks like he STILL hasn't released Sonny 3. The wait continues...


2016-04-19 08:37:11

another year without Sonny 3


2016-08-07 13:51:29

I may have orgasmed a little seeing that you are making a new sinjid.


2016-10-29 04:21:15

Are you still working currently or... Did you run out of money to make games?


2016-10-29 04:22:52


No I think He's probably running out of money at this point. Pay attention to His blog, He's selling it. Likewise, His production seems to have drastically dropped in the past few year's.


2016-11-01 22:45:45


Feels a bit awkward that you had your message notify me a year since my last post here.

tbh, NG is almost dead to me. JackAstral's stuff catches my attention and I check out Zombidle occasionally, but very few things on NG catch my attention past that. There used to be some pretty sweet stuff on NG, such as Sonny, Sonny 2, Fancy Pants, but I have yet to see anything on NG of real quality since Sonny 2 got to NG. I've moved onto things like Path of Exile (which is Diablo except it's free and better in every way, if you can work with the VERY complex build making system) and Stellaris (which isn't free and is pretty slow paced, but has quality comparable to the better Civilization games).

So even though it would still be amazing to have Sonny 3 on NG, I've nearly completely lost interest in flash games. If Sonny 3 was coming to NG soon it might be different, but game submissions on NG seem abysmal compared to movie submissions on NG, and I never came for the vids...

btw, I decided to do some looking around. The best stuff I found was:

A post on a site of his two years ago:

An interview of him by Armor Games:

A bit of info on his next Sonny game:

And his twitter page:


2016-12-02 04:43:31

Hm, looks like the "A bit of info on his next Sonny game" link was taken down. Not sure why, but here's some ear candy I found via a retweet David Orr posted on his twitter on November 15 (found Dave's twitter under the "you might also like" portion of Krin's twitter page):


2017-04-10 01:24:59

Sonny 3 is available on ITunes for $2.99!