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Posted by Krinn - July 26th, 2012

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here huh? I need to be better at these things.

If there's still anyone out there reading my updates, here's what's been happening:

My current (and biggest) project right now is the new Sinjid game. There's a lot of info about it on my blog (www.krinsblog.com), as well as a playable BETA. It's an action RPG, and I think it will be my best game yet.

I've recently just ported Flight over to the iOS platform. There's a video of it here. It will be out on August 2nd. We added a lot of new content and tweaked a lot of things so it's almost like a sequel :)

Ahem... Hello again NG :)


Posted by Krinn - July 23rd, 2009

Hi folks,

Recently I've been working on a new strategy game, wanting to try out a lot of new things, like AS3, and online multiplayer. So! The result of all of that is this new game (scheduled to be released on AG at the end of the month).

Here is the main news post:

These are some of the features:

Online Multiplayer
The game can support up to four players (in 2v2 format) but you can also play 1v1 or with/against CPUs. So you can choose whether you want to play co-operatively, competitively, or both This is all possible because of Jiggmin's BRILLIANT Blossom Server system. He's also been hard at work on the back end of this game as well to make everything runs fast and smoothly. Thanks Jiggmin! Any Flash develops who want to make online games, I recommend you look at Jiggmin's BlossomServer right away.

High Standards, Low Requirements
As3... rocks. By using it to render vector graphics into bitmap during runtime, we're able to maintain a low file-size (the game without sound is only about 900kB), but have great looking visuals with no lag at the same time. The game's highest settings even worked in a Multiplayer game on a computer with 500Mhz processor, and a 56k dial-up modem.

Random Music Generator
Instead of putting one big loop into the game, we've cut up the music into loads of little slices that fit together, so the system composes random and original music as you are playing, but it will still sound like one continuos track. I know it's not a new idea, but I can't believe that I didn't think of it before

Interactive AI
When you're playing on single player mode, you still need a strong partner to survive, so I've made you able to communicate to the AI. There are currently five AI personalities, and they all have different strategies and tactics in combat. You can talk to them via the chat, and ask them what they are going to build, or what you think they should do. They will let you know what the biggest threat from the enemy is, and if they are about to form an attack group. You can even ask them personal questions like their name and age

Unit Micro
This time you can actually command any units on the field. You can tell them to fall back, hold position, advance, or charge. There are many different kinds of units, some that do splash damage, some that fly, and some that regenerates its health. You can even have Meditecs behind the line healing your troops! You can even launch missiles from your base to take out a group of bunched up enemy units.

And now a small demo video :D

/* */

Upcoming RTS: Colony

Posted by Krinn - April 21st, 2009

Hey guys,

Finally got around to putting Sonny 2 here! We just finished a new content update that added two new Zones to the game!

Have fun!



Posted by Krinn - March 28th, 2009

Hey guys!

Haven't been very active in terms of Flash lately because I've been busy with learning how to make films at school. I kinda noticed the trend that many Flash artists also have motion-picture ambitions, like for example Jazza, or AlmightyHans... It's fascinating.

For a warm up AS3 project, before I work on the last Sinjid game, I think I would like to combine elements of filmmaking and Flash. I know many people have tried it before, and sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't, but I have an idea that haunts me everyday and it won't leave me alone until I do it.

It's called '12' and it's about a security guard who is trapped in a hotel with 12 other people. The guard however, is in the control room and has access to 12 CCTV cameras, which monitor all the people. But you can only have 2 of those cameras turned on at a time. But you know that one of them is the terrorist who is holding everyone else hostage, and you have 12 minutes to figure out who it is, before he starts eliminating the other guests, one by one.

Doesn't sound like much now, but I need a break from RTS and RPG, so I thought I'd do a sort of 'experiment puzzle.'

Speaking of puzzles, here's a sample of the film work I've been doing: It's a 5 minute short film shot in Hyde Park called "Puzzled":

http://www.bigstar.tv/film-contests/st udent-short/a89bfa17b5a0dac8c7f4eb9e09 d29f22/1

I hope you like it, and if you do, please drop me a vote :) (It only takes 2 seconds to sign up on that site)

I think that's all for the Spring update... Hopefully I would write more things regularly. Newgrounds was where it all started for me, and it makes me feel bad that sometimes I just vanish.

With <3

PS: Don't ask me about Sonny 2. It's nearly here, I just need to finish Zone 7 and put in a couple more achievements :)

PSS: Anyone who figures out exactly where this photograph was taken will get $50. You will need a street name, or a longitude and latitude. Good Luck!

Spring and Puzzles

Posted by Krinn - December 19th, 2008

Hey guys,

The wait is over :D Check it out here:


It will come to NG once we've held it in one place for a while to fix up bugs and add new content.

I hope you guys enjoy it :D


Posted by Krinn - December 13th, 2008

Sonny 2 is on its way folks. Here is the actual blog post: http://armorblog.com/?p=460

I'll just go over some of the new features that will be availiable in Sonny 2 so that you know what to expect.

Three Unique Classes
That's right! This time, each class will actually have their own ability trees. The character skills and stats are also made more versatile, meaning there is more than triple the amount of character builds that you can play with.

Loads of New Armor and Items
We've axed the class restriction on most items, meaning that you can use almost any item you find with your class now, and build your own set of viable gear that is tailored to your ability spec. Better than grinding for just that one set, right?

Difficulty Levels
Three modes of difficulty will be available, meaning you can choose if you want to just glide through the game to see the story, or test your strategy against very challenging bosses and enemies.

Local PvP System
Now you can challenge your friends by battling your characters against each other. You have to be playing on the same computer, but the system allows you to export your character into a text file and load it in any computer.


Posted by Krinn - April 7th, 2008

Hey guys,

I've just submitted a new game to NEWGROUNDS! You can play it here:


Tainted Kingdom is a Fantasy Strategy game with 10 Missions you can play. You can send out Knights,
Hunters, Priests, or swift Horse-men. You can heal your units, build defensive towers, and choose where to expand your base, and how you manage your resources and upgrade your units.

The game comes with fully animated and voiced cut-scenes for all your story-telling needs :D It's quite difficult to beat, and it's even harder to get all the Trophies, so there's a big challenge waiting for you in there, I hope you enjoy it! :D


And for people who keep asking me about a Sonny sequel, I can give you some more information on it, but I can't promise you when it will be done yet. I'm guessing at least 1-2 months.

Sonny 2 will continue the story from the first Sonny, and feature mostly the same game engine. We have a big book of "things the people complained about" so I'll be spending a while going through that to fix and add new things.

There will be 3 different classes this time, but here, each class will have its own Ability tree, so the re playability will be at least 3x more than in Sonny 1.

The playable Zombie archetypes will be:


A class that specializes on the evolution of the body. You can change the very nature of your being to adapt to the situation; become a natural predator. Grow deadly claws, or poison glands to destroy your enemy,

A more 'caster' style class specializing in mind power. Spells included both support and offensive, harnessing the powers of Magic, Shadow, and Lightning. This will be a sort of mix between the "Guardian" and "Gunslinger" from the original Sonny.


Since Sonny is a Zombie, he doesn't need the 60% of water required to operate a human body. You channel that water to serve different purposes, such as strengthening your attacks, or changing the temperature of your surroundings. The abilities will be a mixture of Physical and Ice.

That's all for now, I think!

<3 Krin

Tainted Kingdom and Sonny 2

Posted by Krinn - December 29th, 2007

Hey guys!

I'm finally back on the Flash scene with "Sonny!" Here is the link:


I hope you enjoy it. I've been away forever, but oh well, better late than never, I suppose?

Big thanks to my entire team. Andrew, your talent is just unbelievable! David, you've worked hard and your output has been amazing! Martijn, Philipp and Thomas, it was good of you to help me with this! Also big thanks to Dan for all his support!

Here is sort of my space to talk about random shit about making the game... But I really don't know what to say.

I was influenced by:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Especially for the Baron fight)
Kafka's "Die Verwandlung" (The whole concept of waking up as a vermin)
Starcraft (Where else do you get hicks in high tech armor?)
Blizzard (Thier whole style of thier games)
Half Life 2 (Valve really rocks)
Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart (I listened to classical music to help me focus. It DOES work!)

Some boss strategies for Zone 4:

Ignition: Put a lot of damage dealers on your team, and re-spec to full healing. I used Heroic Motivaion, and Blood Focus. I put the Assassin and the Destroyer because they can do a lot of damage without Focus. Dispel Fate and it should be easy.

Omen: Get the full Paladin Armor, and put it on Veradux. Put Veradux on "Aggressive" because if he uses Poison when Omen has the debuff, he will do like 30k + dmg. You can choose if you want to heal, or to do damage BUT you must stun Omen as soon as he uses the debuff otherwise one of your team will bite the dust. Make sure you have decent speed (or cripple the boss) so your stun doesn't miss.

Doctor: This guy can seem impossible at first. But once you get him down to 99%, he heals himself for 2 Million HP. Does that give you a clue? :P The timing is DEAD important for this fight, and making sure you get it right... You really only have one chance to beat him.

Sinijd: He's got 2 Shadows, and the much loved Mana Bomb. I haven't beaten him myself yet, so figure this one out yourselves!

I've taken all the suggestions and comments and put them into a file so I can make all those improvements, none of your comments will be disregarded people!

So far noted problems are:

-Speech Sync is off (Fix coming)
-Battles too slow (Fix coming)
-Pally's Shield (Cooldown will be increased so he can't spam it)
-Re-Spec Policy (Will be changed to have increased Re-Specs)
-AI (Will be improved, and will have a manual option, but next game only)

Have fun guys!

- Krin